The Warrior 4-5 Penile Extender

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Warrior 4-5 Penis extender device

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Alpha Male: Introducing the 4-5 Penis Enlargement Extender Device

The 4-5 Penis Enlargement Extender Device is among the best, most popular and most sought product ever manufactured in South Africa.

The device which was developed in South Africa is intended for men who need extra penis size. By putting it on, the device will gradually increase the size of the penis via the principles of traction. The user can achieve his full potential within a short time if he uses the Penis Enlargement Extender Device daily.

How It Works
As earlier mentioned, the 4-5 Penis Enlargement Extender Device works on the principle of traction. When a user wears the device on his penis, he stretches the penis for a time range of 6 to 12 hours per day. (depending on the user experience). This results in creating traction, a principle on which the device is based.

This is likened to men and women in some African countries who insert heavy jewelry on their earlobes, resulting in the enlargement of their earlobes and lips.

What happens here is that their bodies adjust to the heavy jewelry, even as the muscle and skin gradually expand.

It is on this same principle that the 4-5 Penis Extender Device works. When you wear it on your penis, its length and width will increase.

The device can be worn for long periods of time, causing the penis to adjust and extend its size. This is called the principle of saving positive pressure.

The Extent of Penis Growth
Several types of research have been performed by Alpha Male team in the last 12  months. Findings have shown that within a month, this Penis Enlargement Extender Device can stretch between 0.5 and 0.8 cm range.

Assuming you use the extender for five months, you will achieve at least 4 cm penis growth.

This product compares excellently well with others on the male enhancement market.

Experts have recommended that optimum result will be achieved if this device is used correctly and consistently for no less than six months.