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Sta Hard Cream - Climax Control

premature ejaculation lotionsSta-Hard, a popular product manufactured by California Exotic Novelties is readily available for you to purchase.

This Genital Desensitizer cream is manufactured to offer a solution to premature ejaculation, a sexual problem experienced by many men across the world.

Obviously, premature ejaculation has caused a lot of frustration, depression, sadness and unpleasant effects between two parties involved in a sexual relationship, hence, a justification for this potent cream.

By applying it on the penis prior to sexual activity, the sensitivity of the penis is numbed. This implies that the user will be temporarily insensitive to the full effects of arousal.

climax control - Sta Hard

Sta-Hard Ingredients

Below are the active ingredients incorporated in Sta-hard cream:
Benzocaine: Sta-hard cream contains Benzocaine, a popular analgesic that is often used in creams and ointments. Its application reduces the sensation around the penis, causing it to be less sexually aroused when touched.

L-Arginine: Although L-Arginine is an amino acid, it is also a great stimulant, which accelerates the flow of blood to the penis during sexual activity.

Ginseng: Ginseng is another active ingredient in Sta-hard cream, which performs the role of an aphrodisiac. It helps the user to achieve a harder erection.

How Sta-Hard Climax Control Works?

Upon applying this cream on the penis, the Sta-Hard Cream desensitizes and numbs it down during arousal, thereby preventing the user from hyper-sensitive feeling and subsequent ejaculation.

Continual usage of this cream by the user will surely stop premature ejaculation and result in longer lasting erections, coupled with a better overall sexual performance.

Benefits of Sta-Hard Cream
Here are some of the many benefits of Sta-hard cream:

  • Cheaper price
  • Direct application on the penis during arousal
  • Prompt and immediate results
  • Can also be used by people who are not having premature ejaculation challenge
  • Its work is limited to the applied area (not invasive)
  • Daily application is unnecessary

How to Use Sta-Hard cream

Sta-Hard can be applied directly to the penis during sexual activity to prevent it from over-sensitive during arousal. Open the cream and squeeze out a quarter sized portion of it on the penis. Its action will be felt within 5-10 minutes of applying it.